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Published 20 Nov 2019

[cont'd] called a composite number. The number 6 is composite because it is the product of two numbers (2 × 3) that are both smaller than 6.  Prime numbers are central to number theory because of the fundamental theorem that every natural number greater than 1 is either a prime itself or can be factorized as a product of primes that is unique up to their order.

MetaNumbers is a very easy to use app. Simply type a number (n) into the search field - whether in decimal, factorized, binary or hexadecimal form - and you'll be able to check immediately whether (n) is a prime number or not, which number class it belongs to, decipher the prime factorization of (n) and all of its positive divisors or automatically compute different arithmetic functions - such as the prime omega functions ω(n) and Ω(n), the divisor function τ(n), the sum of divisors function σ(n), the Euler's totient function φ(n), the Möbius function μ(n), the Liouville function λ(n), the prime counting function π(n) or the von Mangoldt function Λ(n). - that are all used in the field of number theory. You can also check which classes a number belongs to (among more than 70, such as the square, the perfect or the Fibonacci numbers) and convert (n) to binary, octal, hexadecimal, etc. Phew, that was a mouthful. 

MetaNumbers is a very useful tool for both business and education. Not to the regular 'person on the...