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A fully customizable app that will tell you when the rain will stop falling

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Always your weather and you decide how you see it. With the Meteovista app you don’t see ... More

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Published 17 Oct 2014

It seems that you can't turn the news on these days without being confronted by yet another story about the weather. Whether it be extremely hot temperatures and subsequent bushfires or floods caused by cyclones, there seems to be no escape from it. For most of us, however, it's not the weather from yesterday that interests us most - it's more about what we are likely to face when we walk out of the door tomorrow morning. There are many weather apps on the market but we are still on the hunt for the perfect one. Meteovista HD is the newest of these and offers a beautifully simple, very convenient and fully customizable weather app for iPad that could well be one to stir a good deal of interest.
Meteovista HD consists of 8 very flexible widgets that are really easy to add, delete, move, expand or adapt, allowing you to create your very own, fully customizable weather pages on your iPad. These widgets can be added or deleted easily - and used multiple times - to set up weather monitoring for all your favorite places. The app features a 14-day forecast for all locations worldwide and has a detailed 48 hours graph - with push notifications as an option for a short weather forecast - even if the app isn't open. You can simply check today's or tomorrow's weather, inspect the rainfall radar to see how much precipitation is expected, take a long-term look with a weekly...