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Its American Idol for the YouTube generation

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Published 2 Dec 2012

[cont'd] talent scouting process and turning it truly global via their digital presence. MeTheOne has also created the first talent-related TV on their YouTube channel, where they have had more than 700.000 views with just 3 videos. For viewers, you can search for videos based on genre and style or search from country to country.
MeTheOne aren't looking for professional talent. Their eyes are turned more towards the undiscovered talent that exists via social networks like Twitter and Facebook based on their popularity there. It doesn't matter what your talent is - it just depends how popular you are on there. It's not about money or words or politics it's about artists, sports people and people who can do stuff well and is delivered vis an audiovisual channel. The aim is to take all those talented people - who we know are out there because we've seen the video - and put them into a place where they can be seen by people that can promote them properly. Sounds like a good idea to me.