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Here’s a problem that each one of us has faced one or the other time. Remember searching endlessly for a specific file inside your email inbox in vain? Or the pain of syncing attachments from your email to your cloud applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote And the worst part is this very boring and time-consuming exercise cannot be automated – each of the times, you have to manually download each of the attachments from Gmail and then upload them to your other web apps.
But Wait! That’s not it. We all have experienced the headache when the need comes up to forward / download attachments from multiple emails in one go. And these problems are not just with you or us. When it comes to managing attachments that are exchanged over emails, it's equally painful for businesses as well individuals. There are millions of other users out there who face the same problem - sales teams, legal professionals, freelancers and consultants, HR teams, etc. Just by sheer numbers, everyday more than 6 billion attachments are exchanged. This reinforces the fact that email is useful, and more importantly, irreplaceable but the problems that come with it just waste a lot of our productive time.
MetisMe Attachments App solves this problem head-on. Once you install this app, it collates all your attachments and displays them together at one place. What’s more exciting is that this new ‘Attachments Stack’ is created right inside your Gmail inbox and displays all your attachments in the very same way as you see your emails in inbox, sent mail, etc. And when you perform a search inside your traditional Gmail search box, MetisMe shows you the list of attachments matching your search – this attachments centric search saves you from the pain of opening each of the mails to locate that exact attachment you were looking for. And that’s not it, once you get inside your Attachments Stack, you can forward / download attachments from multiple emails in one go.
Another great feature of MetisMe is that it connects your email to your cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc. What this means is that you can then send one or multiple attachments to your cloud services right from inside Gmail… All in 1 click. To add to this, you can also set rules to automatically send your files to your chosen cloud service. This feature is amazing to automate the process of sending your monthly phone bills, bank and credit card statements, electricity and parking bills, etc. to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote services. Set the rule and forget the worries of properly filing your attachments inside the correct folder. We see that MetisMe shall help save hundreds of productive hours of sales managers, HR professionals, placement consultancies, designers, marketers, freelancers, customer support teams or everyone else who exchange attachments day-in and day-out.
MetisMe’s mission is to build a set of softwares that create Email delight and that means making email more efficient and an integral part of our workflows. MetisMe Attachments App is our first step towards that mission. MetisMe is currently in closed beta and available as Chrome browser extension.The company is scheduled to launch the MetisMe Attachments App on Android very soon. Post that, the application shall be available across Firefox and Safari browsers and iOS devices.
The first 400 feedmyapp readers can get immediate access to MetisMe Attachments App by visiting the following link: .

Last updated 11 Aug 2013

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