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Published 18 Nov 2013

Its not easy being a musician these days. Gone are the days of recording and releasing an album and simply releasing it into the market place, playing a tour to promote it and hoping for the best. There have been plenty of ways that musicians and record labels have tried in the past to draw attention to themselves. Colored vinyl, limited editions, extra tracks, free gig tickets - they've all been flogged to death in the past. Now it's time to move on into the age of technology and find other ways of attracting attention and selling more units. Canadian band Metric have been around for a few years now and their last two albums, "Fantasies" and "Synthetica" (which featured a great cameo vocal from none other than the recently departed Lou Reed) have been damned near perfect indi rock masterpieces. Always willing to experiment with something new, the band have put together this beautiful looking iOS app that lets you play around and remix songs from the album as well as delivering some great visual effects to keep you amused while you do it.
To be honest, I'm surprised that other artists haven't taken on a more aggressive stance when it comes to releasing music these days and one has to admire Metric in taking on such a powerful product and presenting it so well. The app gives you the chance to interact with and create unique new versions of all the songs from the...