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Have you ever heard that practice makes perfect? Forget that! Perfect practice makes perfect. Now you never have to adjust your metronome again, just set it up and start playing faster and faster… Metro Step is a metronome that helps you gain the accuracy you need to play those scales, licks or chord progressions well. Start your speed slow so there are no mistakes and build gradually. With accuracy comes speed! Metro Step increases with speed automatically depending on your choice. Set the amount of time you want to practice your lick, chords or scales and then choose how fast you'd like the speed to increase. Slower increments are recommended otherwise the metronome will go crazy. I recommend at least 1-5 bpm steps per 4/8/16/24/32/64 bars. The choice is yours. The metronome increases automatically leaving you to practice without interruptions.

Last updated 26 Jan 2014