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Published 12 Sep 2012

The Internet is a weird evolving object that springs up more than a few surprises. People can be even weirder. If you have read any Malcolm Gladville you will be well aware of the organized chaos that we live in. Take social networks for example. I remember a friend telling me not long after Facebook's inception to "just sign up" and it wasn't that long before its reputation grew and the "Tipping Point" was reached. Now it is getting close to a billion users and everyone from cute Kentucky girls to Sherpas in Tibet seems to have an account. Add to that the phenomena of Twitter and, more recently Instagram and Pinterest and you wonder why some are successful and some not. Mevoked is a new social network that throws its hat into the ring by basing it's content on the emotions of the visitor. It captures web based content and allows the user to discover interesting material that is based on the emotion of the moment.           
Probably without most of us realizing it, emotions play a huge part in how we interact with the web. Whether we are feeling happy or sad, disgusted or amused it is one emotion or the other that will rule the moment and search preferences will be defined by those moods and more. Over the years, new technologies have allowed people to express new ideas on the Internet like never before. But the ways users react to these ideas have tended to remain the same. Facebook users, for example, can share anything they like with their friends but they can't really communicate how the content makes them feel emotionally - well, unless they put one of those silly upside down faces or a heart next to it. Mevoked's solution lets users let their friends know how different content makes them feel in a quick, simple and sharable interface. With Mevoked, you don't just search for new content - you Feel The Internet.
So, what was the thing that caused Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to capture the attention of the general public? I guess you would have to say the one thing they all possess is originality and, if that's the case, it wouldn't surprise me one little bit if Mevoked's form of social emotiveness caught on in a big way. It looks good, it's easy to use and it's free. What more can the emotional networker amongst us ask for?

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