Developer description

In today’s age of fast paced dating whether it’s meeting someone through apps, websites or a blind date, it can get very stressful. This is where Hitched comes in! Going on dates has become much more frequent and frankly more expensive! Our “Search” option can help you plan the perfect date without costing you a week’s salary. Seamlessly choose from a bunch of options and find the closest one in your area. Hitched can then give you all the information you need to plan the perfect evening. Including reservation information, directions and hours of operation.

We also help you stay in the know with our “News” feature. Check out what tons of websites are reporting in the dating world. Whether its funny stories that happened on dates or the things people hate to see on first dates. This feature will help you survive the fast paced dating world.

Lastly, our “Great Conversation” feature can also help any date turn into a fun evening. Enjoy various types of questions that we provide and ask to your date to see what they will answer. This party gag that lightens the mood can be perfect on any date.

Hitched is here to try to calm your nerves and help provide everything at your fingertips. Hopefully through our app you might get “Hitched” yourself!

Last updated 20 Mar 2016

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