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Published 9 Jun 2021

Each year there seems to be one agency or another publishing detailed analysis of our dating habits. The figures usually suggest that just over 20% of Americans have used a dating app to look for love at some point in their life. Some have success in finding the love of their life while others possibly have other motives. When I speak to female friends who have signed up to a dating app and swiped left or right, many have simply given up because they feel as if many of their potential suitors are looking for a bed partner rather than a life partner. Given the Covid conditions we've been under in the last year or so I'm expecting that the next detailed analysis will see a huge leap in dating app users. However, given the dissatisfaction of many with the 'product,' maybe it's time to take a slightly different look at the dating app model. 

Mila is an intelligent, new-style dating app for iOS and Android that goes a little deeper into compatibility than most. It aims to eliminate ghosting and time wasting by forging meaningful connections early on in the introduction period. This gives a higher likelihood of compatibility rather than the simple swipe that other apps offer. The app's highly intelligent algorithm acts as a personal dating assistant that matches your personal preferences, your value system and your own personality as well as the ancient science of astrology and numerology as well as...