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Published 9 Jun 2021

[cont'd] modern-day trends to match you with the right person. 

Just enter your date, place and time of birth and the smart algorithms will spring into action. Once you have been matched with someone you can check your compatibility based on your personality and values, your emotional compatibility and your health and wellness as well as simple physical attraction. Mila offers safe and secure in-app messaging, phone calls and even video chatting so you can get to know your match a little better. Don't worry if you don't know where to start the conversation because the app offers a series of 'this and that' questions to set you on the right path and get the conversation started. 

There are many different types of relationships out there. Some people are looking for a life partner while others may just be looking for someone to share a chat with during these days of isolation. Some are looking for their perfect partner who they can share important news with. Others are looking for the occasional dinner date. All these people can be found in Mila and the app's clever algorithms help you pick one from the other and avoid the disappointments of other apps. No more ghosting, no more wasted time and energy. Once you've matched with someone you can see how compatible you are on many different levels. 

Mila is the part of the next generation of dating apps and swiping left and right...