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Miles is a universal rewards app that delivers value for every mile traveled, across every mode ... More

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Published 22 Jan 2020

You can't turn your head these days without encountering a story about climate change. In the last year alone we've seen huge fires in the US, Australia and Brazil as well as numerous other 'natural' disasters. Sea temperatures are rising, the ice is melting and many countries have seen average temperatures higher than they've ever been. Politicians have suggested radical new ideas to stall the onset of climate disaster. In America, politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has even put forward her Green New Deal plan which tries to convince the world's population to stop flying and to eat less meat, among other things. As interesting as these ideas are, however, I can't see the mass voting public going along with that one in the near future. To my mind, the answer is to change the way we live in a more gradual way by encouraging people to be more aware and responsible in their daily life. We can start off by making some small but significant changes in the way we live and, in this case, the way we travel.

We all know about frequent flyer points. We've been using them for years. Well, Miles is a new universal transportation and sustainability rewards app for iOS and Android that gives the same benefits when using ground transportation as others do for flying. What's more, the 'greener' we are with our ground travel the more points we earn. It delivers value for every mile traveled, across...