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Published 22 Jan 2020

You can't turn your head these days without encountering a story about climate change. In the last year alone we've seen huge fires in the US, Australia and Brazil as well as numerous other 'natural' disasters. Sea temperatures are rising, the ice is melting and many countries have seen average temperatures higher than they've ever been. Politicians have suggested radical new ideas to stall the onset of climate disaster. In America, politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has even put forward her Green New Deal plan which tries to convince the world's population to stop flying and to eat less meat, among other things. As interesting as these ideas are, however, I can't see the mass voting public going along with that one in the near future. To my mind, the answer is to change the way we live in a more gradual way by encouraging people to be more aware and responsible in their daily life. We can start off by making some small but significant changes in the way we live and, in this case, the way we travel.

We all know about frequent flyer points. We've been using them for years. Well, Miles is a new universal transportation and sustainability rewards app for iOS and Android that gives the same benefits when using ground transportation as others do for flying. What's more, the 'greener' we are with our ground travel the more points we earn. It delivers value for every mile traveled, across every mode of transportation - with greener forms of travel rewarded even more.

Miles is a free app that's designed to work seamlessly in the background while logging each trip you take from start to finish and takes note of the type of transport you use. Travelers who carpool or take a rideshare service will earn twice the miles while those who choose public transit will see their miles rewards tripled. If a bike is your preferred mode of transport you'll be rewarded with five times the miles and those who prefer to walk or run will earn a whopping ten times the miles. Users accumulate miles points throughout their daily travels and they can easily be viewed within the app. These miles are then exchanged to redeem rewards with leading brands and retailers across various categories. Rewards cost as little as 100 miles and are redeemable either online or at a nearby store. 

Rewards include free products and services, credits, discounts and exclusive specials from over 200 brand partners including Target, Postmates, Home Chef, Garmin, TOMS, Silvercar, YourMechanic,, Thrive Market, Vudu, HelloFresh, Cole Haan, NatureBox, Silvercar, Atom Tickets, Getaround and local event venues like Cal Bears, Saint Mary’s College Athletics and the Viansa Sonoma Winery and many more. Miles also partners with several cities and public transit authorities to encourage users to choose more sustainable modes of transportation, such as trains or buses. This is done through challenges. For example, Caltrain, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently offered a challenge to residents to encourage them to take three train trips. Once completed, the user was rewarded with a $10 Gift Card. There will undoubtedly be more challenges of this kind in the future as cities find ways of encouraging users to partake in greener forms of transportation. 

We at the FeedMyApp offices have reviewed some excellent transportation apps over the years but we've probably never looked at a transport app that's quite as green and forward thinking as this one. The app offers a great way to incentivize a more eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle, while rewarding users with deals from brands they love. There's no logging in of trips required because miles are logged automatically for all types of ground travel on your commute or travel. Every trip you make will earn you rewards on a myriad of products and services. The app can 'see' exactly where you travel and how you travel whether it be by foot, bike, boat, bus, train or Uber and will reward you accordingly. Sign up now and you'll get 1,500 bonus miles to start you off.

As a special offer to FeedMyApp review readers, the developers have generously created a special code that gives the first 500 people to use the app a bonus 250 miles. The promo code is 'feedmyapp' and it expires on the 29th Feb 2020. 

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