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Editor's review

Published 29 Sep 2011

Anyone who spends their working week on the road will have dreamed of having something like this. Not just to free up their time but to capture all of those claimable miles that have been lost due to not logging them or forgetting about a business trip altogether.

This new app is currently only available on Android smartphones although support for iPhones and the introduction of an own branded hardware device is scheduled for the near future. Any GPS device capable of saving or being converted to the GPX1.0 or 1.1 file format is supported.

Download the app to your smartphone, add an email address and create a shortcut for easy future access and you’re ready to ˈstart tripˈ. Once you’re done simply end your log and a prompt will remind you to upload it to

The mobile system doesn’t ask for you to enter any trip details, this aspect is covered when you log in at home and bring up all of the trips uploaded from your smartphone. If you should forget the reason for a particular trip the system provides a handy map of the journey to jog your memory. 

The great feature of this app is that you can convert the information into mileage claim reports for reimbursement. The set up page allows you to set the particular currency, country and mileage rates that apply. You then add the details of each business trip, select which ones are required for a mileage claim and click ˈcreate reportˈ.

The resulting report is saved to a separate page as a PDF which can be printed and presented in the knowledge that all of the detail is correct with the proof available if required. All in all a very satisfactory, time and money saving result.

Mileage tracking with your mobile phone with the added bonus of the expense report function has my vote. Anything that lessens non-revenue earning activities from the working day has to be good.

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