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Published 24 May 2012

[cont'd] a lot of the grunt work. Cut and paste from your existing proposal templates with links to related proposals means your proposal is more precise and easy to comprehend. You get notified when your prospect looks at your proposal so you know exactly when to call them, collaborate and make revisions quickly and easily. Define pricing and discounting rules that automatically generate quote information within your proposal so there is no guessing about pricing and no panicked discounting.
Unless you are one of those awesome people who can knock up a business proposal that reads better than your competitor's in minutes, Mimiran is going to come in really useful when you are preparing quotes and pricing etc. Not only does it provide plenty of proposal templates that you can pump out in minutes rather than hours but it also streamlines the whole process and enables fast and efficient interaction between you and your business client. The amount of time saved alone with be worth the US$19 per month fee but, if you are still not convinced, try the 30 day free trial.