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A social network for creatives with more than fifty shades of grey

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MinaGrey is a social community of scientists, artists, musicians, and writers that can be joined ... More

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Published 1 Jun 2014

Don't panic, MinaGrey is not the follow up to Fifty Shades of Grey! It's far more worthy to me than that poorly written piece of fluff. Let me just say from the outset here. This free, art and writing application is unlike any other app that we've seen before here at the FeedMyApp offices. I guess the best way to describe it is would be as a non-commercial artistic and creative community where musicians, artists, writers and scientists can freely share ideas, concepts and their artistic skills with the rest of the world. It's a social network - run by its users - that is as far removed from Facebook and Twitter as Edward Snowden is from the US Government.
Originally launched in 2012, MinaGrey is an exciting niche social network for fine artists, musicians and the creative community that draws its content exclusively from its ever-growing membership. While it may sound like a hippie version of Facebook however - and does work on similar social principles - it has very little in common with Mr Zuckerberg's money-making behemoth. Sure, it has a social extension for public chit-chat and you can comment on other members' contributions. You can love stuff and vote on other stuff or you can use it for some shameless self-promotion and marketing via Twitter, Google or Facebook. While it is best known for its scientific news, the music section has featured world-renowned musicians while the art section exhibits an extraordinary collection of unique pieces...