Developer description

Mindlogr is a personal video logging system that allows users to store private video logs that are automatically managed and organized by date. Video entries are made directly through the webcam without the need to record and upload, which reduces the barrier to entry for people who do understand the basics of online video uploading. The technology is currently provided by and videos are recorded and streamed directly to their servers. Once the video is stored, Mindlogr uses an API to obtain video information to store and present to the user. The system allows users to tag their videos to make the easily searchable in the future. It also allows users to self update their mood on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the happiest. The idea is that the more people record and let go of their thoughts, the better mood they will be in. Although videos are by default completely private, Mindlogr also has a private share facility to allow users to share explicitly with people via an email and a video password. This has shown to be useful in cases where people are reporting back to other people on specifics, for example a client reporting back to a life coach on their progress. The other features of the system include the ability to appoint a custodian, setting preferences for reminders and also some customization of design features, also known as skins.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015