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Developer description

MindMeld understands your conversations and automatically finds information you may need before you have to search for it.

Use MindMeld by yourself to easily search and discover content using just voice and touch. As you talk, MindMeld listens, understands and automatically finds relevant information from your social graph and across the web. That way, relevant videos, pictures, news articles and web pages are just one tap away!

Use MindMeld with others to have a high-quality voice conference with up to 8 people at a time. As you talk, MindMeld will understand what everyone says and always be ready to show you helpful information. MindMeld is the intelligent meeting assistant that makes your conference calls smarter and more productive.

If MindMeld shows you any information that catches your eye, you can easily drag it onto the shared workspace. Everyone in your conversation will see it instantly, and it will be bookmarked and automatically saved so you can easily find it later.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015