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MINE is a free app from the team behind Relationship Science (RelSci; description at the end). The idea came from the realization that most professionals believe they have become master networkers with large social and professional networks. Yet as our networks have grown and become somewhat unwieldy, we struggle to build meaningful business relationships because we often are unaware of the important things happening to those people. MINE has a very specific focus. News and alerts that cut through the clutter by delivering people-news and business alerts on your network.
MINE delivers the most relevant news and finely curated articles on the people and businesses that matter most to you, pulling from hundreds of sources and creating its own proprietary headlines. It delivers news on your phone's contacts, Linkedin connections, and any other people or companies you may add on an ad hoc basis.
Instead of social media posts and tags, you'll receive alerts like:
• Mentions in the news and press releases
• Involvement in deal and stock transactions
• Charitable donations
• Professional changes like executive compensation
• Company announcements (layoffs, hirings, acquisitions, etc.)
The main pain points we solve are the ability to get Google alerts type of news on your entire phonebook and linkedin network, without spending hours setting them up.
Our other key distinctions are:
• MINE is king in its disambiguation of people. You will get alerts on the John Smith you know, not the 1,000+ other John Smiths.
• MINE creates alerts that are not in the news. Transactions, donations, investments—these types of things may not make the news, but MINE captures and delivers them.
• MINE also gives you extended news on the organizations where your contacts work. While these individuals may not be mentioned in the articles, their companies are. Expansions, layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, and other major announcements contain relevant information on your network.
MINE gives you this extended, pertinent news.
About RelSci Relationship Science is a technology solutions company working directly with executive teams to create competitive advantage. The RelSci Platform helps organizations of all sizes capture and leverage their relationship capital with the influential decision makers that matter to their success.
Corporate, financial and nonprofit clients utilize the platform to drive better business outcomes in the following areas:
• Relationship building
• Investor relations
• New Client Acquisition
• Strategic Planning
• Executive/Board Team Building
• Capital Raising
• Idea Generation/Deal Sourcing By turning individual knowledge into institutional knowledge across the enterprise, RelSci helps clients be more efficient, collaborative, agile and opportunistic.
For more about RelSci, please visit

Last updated 14 Dec 2014

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