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Duel it out with real-time shooters from all over the world

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Can you become the world’s top marksman?
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Published 25 Nov 2013

There is probably more talk about gun control these days than ever before. More background checks, tighter regulations and cooling off periods have all been suggested to try to curb the alarming number of gun related shootings around the world. Well, it may appear to be a little flippant, but maybe a first person shooting game like this one will take the edge off the need to fire a real gun and cause real damage. Mini Showdown is a beautiful-looking, free shooting game for iOS the gives you real-time and realistic duels with fellow shooters and find out who really is the fastest and most accurate shot in the west.
Mini Showdown lets you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to help you become the world's top marksman (or markswoman, if it comes to that.) It offers online, real-time dueling action with rich weaponry, great props and lots of dress choices and aims to become the collaboration point for shooting game lovers the world over. With Mini Showdown, your phone or tablet is your gun and all you have to do is to raise your device, level your weapon, aim and fire before reloading and having the chance to become the world's next top marksman. You can win duels, participate in regular shooting competitions and collect reward money - which can be used to customize your character whenever you like. Customize characters with ornate clothes and accessories and choose from different male and female roles that all have different capabilities. Build your 'quick gun' reputation as the 'fastest in the west' and face real challenges from shooters situated all around the globe.
Mini Showdown is the safe and legal way of testing out your gun toting abilities without having to slaughter anyone or anything. This simple to use iOS shooting game features great graphics - as well as beautifully rendered real as well as cartoon characters – making it a little different from most of the other shooting games available. Weaponry includes guns, bombs and ropes and there's even the odd voodoo doll thrown in. Hell, you can even customize your characters by changing their facial features and hair. All you really need to do then is challenge someone to an online duel and it's just a question of aiming and firing. Mini Showdown is a great free addition to the first person shooting game genre where you can challenge other shooters around the world. It might just also save a life and not have the consequence of your ending up in the slammer.

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