Developer description

Minipedia is a recently released app for Android that lets you access Wikipedia offline right from your smartphone. Minipedia employs an algorithm that selects only Wikipedia's most frequently accessed articles for its database, minimizing storage requirements.

Minipedia is a fast and simple way to access Wikipedia articles using your Android smartphone without a network connection. Here is what you get by installing it:
+ Offline access. No Signal? Don't worry, no matter where you are with Minipedia you'll have a whole encyclopedia right at your fingertips.
+ Relevant. Our algorithms select the most important articles based on country, popularity and time ensuring a high hit-rate even with a small amount of articles.
+ Search as-you-type. Searching for articles is extremely fast, as soon as you type the first letter you will see the first matches.
+ Share articles. Found a share-worthy article? Quickly share it use the quick share button to send it to friends.

Minipedia is available for free on Google Play ( ) and once you’ve downloaded the packages you are able to access all the relevant WikiPedia articles.

Last updated 25 Dec 2014

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