Developer description

MirrorMirror is a social comparison app, for iOS and Android, that lets you upload two pictures and allows your connections to vote on which they prefer. Need advice? Ask MirrorMirror.

Over 100 million selfies are taken every day. 20% of these are fashion/outfit related by people wanting advice from friends or social connections - either on shopping decisions or choosing the right outfit.

MirrorMirror has broad market and demographic possibilities. It allows people to live and share whatever they choose – with no topic limitations.

The power to connect individuals with their peers, followers and tastemakers instantly in a well designed, easy-to-use app, provides a perfect stage for social approval – with limited opportunities for trolling.

MirrorMirror will become the go-to destination for any decision making.

Need outfit advice for a date? Ask MirrorMirror.
What to wear to a job interview? Ask MirrorMirror.
Need help in choosing which shoes to buy? Ask MirrorMirror.

Last updated 4 Apr 2017

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