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Opilio Entertainment Believes Romance Deserves a Second Chance!
"The popular mini personal ads section "missed connections" is now on Facebook as well as a designated mobile app"
Utilizing the viral tools of Facebook, the "Missed Connections App" takes Craigslist’s popular but not functional column and puts it on steroids to make it a global concept.
The Missed Connections App enables people to reconnect by creating, or searching for a “post” about a missed encounter…an occurrence where two or more people were unable to exchange contact information, or the information they had was lost.
By harnessing the power of Facebook and sharing the post, you engage your network into helping you 'find the one that got away'. Your chances for connecting increase exponentially!
"There is nothing more powerful than a real eye to eye encounter or face to face conversation. This app will unleash a new form of dating that is Free and based on a real-life encounter, unlike the standard catalog shopping offered by most dating sites today," said Mike Mercer Co-Founder.
“The problem was that reconnecting was such a long-shot because there was no social network to tie it all into. It was like posting on a bulletin board in outer space. The current volume of traffic combined with the strength of Facebook will convert these missed connections to 'finds' at a rapid rate. Missed Connections are happening every day in every city across the world. We saw this as an opportunity to do something about it. We are taking a concept that has been around for decades and making it better, providing a better solution. It is time the missed connections concept was created for the largest social network in the world," said Yakup Trana , Founder.
Missed Connections App is now available on Facebook, Web, iOS, and Android.The Missed Connections Facebook App is one of the rare apps for that allow users to create anonymous postings on Facebook. The posts are searchable by keyword, geo-location, and never expire. Users can also make random connections and engage in public or private conversations.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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