Developer description

Mississippi Stud - 5 Card Poker Game - Vegas Texas Holdem presents an engaging and entertaining alternative to the bog-standard poker game. Easy to play, hard to master, it's easy to understand why this version has become so popular. The aim of the game is as follows: make the best five card hand you can. Since you don't play against the dealer or other players in this version, as long as you have a pair of 6's, you can't lose. As soon as you know you've got the winning hand, you just have to sit tight through the rest of the hand. The game has 30 exciting challenges for you to get your teeth into, with daily challenges keeping things spiced up too. If you're looking for a live game of Mississippi, you won't find it here. But if you enjoy playing for you and want to track yourself and get better, this is a nice little app to do it with. The app has a neat little interface, a nice change form the more garish designs in the genre. It's relatively intuitive to play, plus there's a handy tutorial in the menu section to help you out. You can check your position on the global leader board by logging into the Game Center, as well as comprehensive stats on how you're performing and progressing through the challenges.

Last updated 8 May 2015

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