Developer description

New node-based video and banner ads editor MixaPixa is the new professional tool of the motion-designer with a new presentation of video projects and full control of key frames provides great opportunities for creating bright visual effects and animation.

Good for starting a career in motion design: MixaPixa has powerful functionality for working with video effects and animation (2D) comparable to traditional programs like AE or DaVinci and is much easier to learn and less demanding on the power of your computer.

You can learn how to work with video and create video projects in MixaPixa for free. No card required.
Payment is required only when downloading videos in high commercial quality.

Key features of MixaPixa

Nodes: A node graph is a more convenient and effective way to work with a composition than the traditional way to work with groups and layers. The graph gives multiple wins in simplicity and speed with the slide.
By combining nodes in a graph, you can easily and simply create an unlimited number of complex visual effects.

Dynamic typography: Effectively design tests in few clicks with advanced letter animation tools, a wide selection of fonts and the ability to load fonts of your own. You can apply any video effects to the captions in the frame. For example, using text as a video mask, you can make spectacular inscriptions with video texture.

Powerful tool for creating video effects: The use of video masks, time flow control, multiple display of an object in several branches of the graph and other MixaPixa capabilities allow you to realize the boldest creative ideas.

Last updated 20 Jan 2022

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