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"Cool Able Art" is an anagram of Collaborate - very apt for Mixel

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Mixel is a new, free creativity app for iPad that completely reinvents collage so that everyone ... More

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Published 27 Nov 2011

Mixel has taken collaborative art to another level with this iPad app. Not only is it an inspiring and colorful way of unleashing your creative juices but you can also share the experience and let your friends take your vision and turn it inti something else. Mixel is a completely new way of sharing your artistic skills with friends and making something even more special.

Mixel is a new iPad app that just hit the App Store that is truly a new art medium and empowers creative self-expression for new audiences and users everywhere by combining the transformative power of social networks and multi-touch tablets to let people from all walks of life make art in a wholly new way. And what's more it's a whole lot of fun to play with. Mixel allows users to assemble collages by manipulating images pulled from their device, Facebook photos, and web search. It’s different from glue and paper cut-outs and existing collage apps with every finished Mixel creation beingpublicly available for other users to pick apart, remix, and share. Forget the sanctity of something hung in a gallery, Mixel’s tag line is “Please touch the art."

When Mixel was originally developed it's aim was to combine art and technology to democratize creative expression. They've done that, of course, but they've also developed an artistic tool that is one hell of a lot of fun. This simple to use iPad tool let's you create your masterpiece from...