Developer description

Mo is about action shots & slow motion. Make slowmo GIFs & video loops with the ease of taking simple photos: just take a snapshot of something that’s moving... Mo automatically turns it into a 3-second slow motion loop. That's it, you're ready to share it as GIF or video!
Give your Instagram account a boost with slowmo loops! We've seen people having 2x, 3x more likes on their Mo-powered posts.
Riders love Mo: skateboard, bmx, mountain bike, snowbard, ski, motocross, scooter, trials, parkour, unicycle, kite, surf enthusiasts are using the app to share their best tricks and moments. If their GoPro insn't with them or if it's just too complicated to make an edit, Mo is the best and most instant action camera app.
Compared with other slow motion apps, Mo saves you so much time: no editing needed, you can share immediately after you have captured the right moment!

GIFs are great if you want to share your slow moments in your conversations via iMessage, Email, or Facebook Messenger. When you post mixes to Instagram, Vine or Tumblr the app will use the video output instead.

Also, you can beam your shots directly to your friend's nearby phone so she can use it in her mixes as well.

- You can add filters and transition effects before sharing.
- String multiple shots together into a mix.

Last updated 25 Nov 2015

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