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Published 18 Mar 2012

[cont'd] emergency situation, `panic’ alarms can be activated discretely on the mobile phone even when the keypad is locked and will request assistance for the lone worker if they are unable to activate the panic alarm. This is done by the routine welfare check `timed out’ function, which automatically raises the alarm there and then. The employer is updated on the lone worker’s welfare status in real-time via a user-friendly web-portal. In addition, panic alerts can be monitored by a BS5979 Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if required. All of the compliant devices in conjunction with Mobile LWP have been fully tested and accredited to meet the Lone Worker BS8484 code of practice.
As in Crystal Ball's other recent tracking apps, Mobile LWP offers a really efficient way of tracking people you are responsible for. LWP is a set of tools that ensures the safety of your mobile staff whether they be doctors, taxi drivers or gas station attendants. It allows employers to constantly monitor the welfare of their lone workers, or ones who work or visit remote locations, without the need for any other additional or dedicated devices. 
It's main benefits include it's provision with all relevant legislation including Health and Safety issues, provides real time monitoring and a full history and works with most smartphones including Symbian and android.