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Mobile Track is Crystal Ball's innovative mobile phone tracking application developed the ... More

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Published 16 Mar 2012

Wanna know where your employees or your kids are at any time of the day or night? Mobile Track is a travel and time tracking app for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile where you can track everybody who works for you, visiting VIP's and even your children or vulnerable adults wherever they are in the world. Here is the next generation of time tracking technology and one that takes the place of 'black box' car installations which has been fine up till now but only works properly when your subject is in the vehicle.
Mobile Track is Crystal Ball's innovative mobile phone tracking application developed for the business and consumer markets. Businesses can now track employees, VIPs and international users as well as their company and grey fleet vehicles while parents and family members can check where their children, the elderly, the vulnerable, vehicles or loved ones are located. Mobile handset tracking is the next generation of tracking and offers an alternative to 'black boxes' installed in your car. Mobile Track's powerful mobile tracking app works on your gps mobile phone and offers additional benefits over traditional vehicle tracking consequently providing complete visibility at all times. Customers can access Mobile Track anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night allowing them to track and report live on the whereabouts and activity of the handset. It is a true live web based gps tracking system. Mobile Track features include live web based tracking, journey status indicators, geo-fences, alarms, current and historical day logs and scheduled email reports. Couple all those features with a highly detailed yet easy to use reporting structure and you begin to see exactly why it is such a highly versatile and scaleable tracking system. A comprehensive ‘help section’ is available, ensuring users maximise the full benefits of Mobile Track. To start tracking users simple need any one of the supported handsets combined with a data tariff on their mobile voice account. The app is either easily downloaded over an internet connection or transferred directly from a PC.
Mobile Track is the next generation of people trackers and offers far better benefits to the previous 'black box' system which tracks the vehicle it is fitted to rather than the person you are trying to locate. If you use it as a tracker for family use it can give you peace of mind knowing where your children are or your dotty aunt who keeps getting lost going down to the shops. As a business tool it can save you money and reduce costs by making your employees more accountable for their actions. God help them if they decide to nip into a strip club for a liquid lunch.

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