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Published 6 Sep 2011

It’s been coming for a long time now but MobilePay USA looks to have finally cracked a pure and genuine way of using your Smart Phone to pay for purchases.

The Holy Grail has been a difficult one to nail down with merchants historically concerned about the costs of “Near- Field Communication” (NFC). With new point of sale hardware always required it has often been seen as an additional expense they could do without. That is until now.

The app’s demonstration at last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt show took the judges and the audience by storm with the simplicity of the function disguising some obviously clever technology. And from a merchant’s point of view there is no requirement for additional hardware to allow them to accept this type of payment.

For users, setting up with MobilePay is a pretty easy and secure process. You’ll need a four digit PIN to access the app and can then load all of your relevant credit card, debit card and store card details on to it. If you’re worried about the security aspect of this information, particularly if you lose your phone, then don’t be. All card details are stored “in the cloud” and not on the phone.

The payment process is simple but obviously can only happen if the shop/restaurant/gas station accepts this method of payment. MobilePay’s priority is therefore to recruit as many merchants to the fold as possible as it looks to roll the project out.

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