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Your phone is now your wallet!

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Published 6 Sep 2011

[cont'd] that the outlet you’re in accepts MobilePay  (and the app can actually use the phone’s GPS to find participating ones) you simply tell the cashier that you’re paying by phone and select the relevant outlet on the display along with the card to be used and the amount of the purchase. The app also has the capacity to add tips and such like to the final payment.

It would be simple to just say “the app does the rest” but a little clarification is always helpful. The PIN number, when entered, acts as cryptographic token instructing the payment provider to send the encrypted card details to the merchant. Payment authorisation is then sent via the same telephone or Ethernet cable that’s connected to the merchant’s card reader which then prints out a receipt.  The app also allows users to track loyalty and rewards points resulting in even less need for a wallet full of cards.

Without a doubt MobilePay is an exciting app with great potential and one that could really see an end to a wallet full of plastic. The real test will be how many merchants sign up for it and how quickly it becomes available on a wider range of smartphones other than the iPhone. The geeks at the TechCrunch show were definitely giving it the big cheer though.