Developer description

Messenger and SMS Texting from laptop, pc and desktop computers as well as with android mobile devices using your own phone number.
*Free MobiTexter to MobiTexter realtime text messaging

★ Free real time texting to MobiTexter users
★ Self destruct text message - Don't worry about message security and privacy
★ Schedule SMS
★ Incoming call notification on computer
★ Multi device texting - send text message directly from your computer to the contacts already synced with your Google account.
★ Personalized Messaging eg Send "hi [fname]" to the group and each contact will receive a text with their first name
★ Group broadcast texting
★ Send emoticons
★ Synch messages across all devices
★ Text / Sms / Message History - Filter text between any date range
★ Print and Email text conversation thread.
★ Sms backup
★ Developer API for software integration, very economical solution for small business.
★ Share your messages with friends on facebook.
★ Chrome desktop notification on receiving message on mobile

Works with all browsers IE (Internet Explorer), chrome, firefox, safari, opera and others.

Using MobiTexter you can send your text from both your computer and mobile. When you are on PC, its much faster and easier to type on a normal keyboard than relatively small keypad/touchpad of type on the device.


Last updated 10 Nov 2014