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High quality dropshipping thats quicker and cheaper than the competitors

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Modalyst is dropshipping automation software for ecommerce businesess.

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Published 12 Dec 2019

Just in case you aren't sure, Dropshipping is a supply chain management system where the retailer plays the 'middleman' between the manufacturer or wholesaler and the customer. In some cases there may be a bricks and mortar store but, generally speaking, most will opt for something like an online Shopify website to sell their goods. The bottom line here though is that the retailer doesn't hold any stock on site. When orders for goods are taken, it's the manufacturer who ships them to the customer with the retailer's profit being the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. This is great for many sellers as they don't have to keep shelf loads of goods in stock or have unnecessary staff on the floor and they don't have to pack up and ship goods to customers themselves. Everything comes from the wholesaler or manufacturer. 

There are quite a few ecommerce apps out there that facilitate drop-shipping by connecting retailers with suppliers. However, Modalyst is rapidly establishing itself as the best of the lot. It is especially good for smaller businesses as it offers cheaper prices and faster delivery - putting your business in a great position to compete with competitors and big box retailers. To make the life even easier, the app integrates beautifully with the most popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix or BigCommerce. The app's unique inbox tool gives you the chance to communicate directly with suppliers to iron out...