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We all have dreams and aspirations. Goals like
. How to save first $3000 for a dream vacation?
. Get Married
. Become debt free
. Start a family and have children
. Retire early and enjoy life
. Go to college
etc. Whatever the goals are we need to find ways to save enough to achieve these goals. The first step is to understand our expenses and income.
Mofinto has the tool for you to help plan your finances such that you can realize your goals.
. It has built in calculators for mortgage, insurance, stock options, awards and lots more that all work together to make your planning easy and simple.
. You can create multiple plans and see how each of them performs.
. You can also compare how different plans you differ in their performance.
. It also provides you with Montecarlo simulation to see how your plan holds out during market turbulence.
. It's simple yet powerful. Financial firms charge large amounts for single use of such tool. It's available to your free for unlimited usage.
Sign-up for a Mofinto account and start planning today. Mofinto is totally free for individuals and to qualify you have to be over the age of 18.
Mofinto wants to hear from you. Please share with us your experience. We strive to make it easy and powerful to meet your planning needs.
Hop on for a ride that's less bumpy than leaving it to chance.

Last updated 30 Nov 2013

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