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Developer description

MojoMotor is a simple publishing engine that lets you keep your site fresh.

No Control Panel: MojoMotor embeds directly into your existing site, allowing you to edit and manage your content without having to log into a separate control panel. Your site is the control panel. Editing happens directly in your pages.
So simple anyone can use it: MojoMotor lets you do one thing: Manage your site’s content. No extra features or unnecessary complexity. Just your content and the intuitive tools to manage it.
Friendly Editing: MojoMotor pages are standard HTML pages, so any design can be integrated and imported into the system.
Drag-n-drop pages: Pages are managed via a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to easily and quickly create new pages and change page relationships and hierarchy.
Integrate any design: Your workflow matters. You can design first, then Import effortlessly into MojoMotor.
ExpressionEngine Import: Need more power? If you outgrow MojoMotor you can import your content into ExpressionEngine.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011