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Momdezvous is perfect for new mothers, women who have recently moved to a new city, changed careers, or maybe just haven't met the right group of friends.

Momdezvous uses the familiar "Tinder" style "Swipe to Like" feature which makes
finding friends casual and stress-free. Search options such as distance, age, and your children's age allows you to narrow down to specific women that you might have the best chances of forming a connection for yourselves or your children.

While "Mom" is in our name, we hope we can reach all women who are looking for friendship and a support system.

What sets Momdezvous apart:
• Connect with other users using the “tinder-style” swipe to like feature.
• Customize your profile with pictures, a bio, keep track of favorite locations, and list you and your children’s interest with fun hashtags.
• Complete chat functionality.
• Searchable map (Powered by Google) to search for new locations as well as set up meet ups and play dates.
• A calendar to keep your meet ups and play dates organized.

With Momdezvous, finding friends will never be the same!

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! @momdezvous

Last updated 14 Oct 2016

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