Developer description

Momenteo is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for freelancers and their accountants, allowing them to breeze through accounting the right way. For the freelancer, it offers a complete invoicing and accounting software designed specifically to reduce his time spent doing such tasks so he can get back to work faster.
The central piece is a calendar where one can note everything he does: billable tasks (not just time, anything!), expenses, mileage and so on. When he wants to invoice a client, a single click converts all those notes to a complete, professional looking invoice. Momenteo also has all the features you expect from an invoicing and accounting software, and even more. Send estimates, convert them to invoices in a click. Manage suppliers, payments due date and store proofs for your accountant. Store and attach your work with invoices.
Manage your contacts, clients, leads, suppliers. Takes notes, keep information about them. Know your numbers with our full reporting suite. Everything you need at the same place to reduce time and effort managing your business. Every action the freelancer does automatically gets converted to genuine accounting - double entry bookkeeping - and stays synchronized to reduce accountant data entry by up to 99%. We automatically produce reports such as the balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, general ledger, journal, financial statement and account transactions without any entry from the accountant!
Getting organized has never been this easy. Tackle accounting once and for all.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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