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Published 14 Feb 2014

Regular readers of FeedMyApp reviews will know only too well our love of the well-made travel application. We all have our favorites in the office but it's hard to believe that this colorful and comprehensive travel app for iOS isn't going to feature very strongly in all of our top ten lists pretty soon. MomondoPlaces offers free, in-depth city guides for seven of the most popular cities in the world. And while the app features a detailed study of each city, it's has a unique factor in that you can search for things to do based on the mood you are in. Momondo is rather like having a really good travel book with you at all times - but kept on your smartphone! And herein lies the app's other great feature. Just download the app and you can view it all even if you have no Internet connection.
The world of travel is dominated these days by apps for your smartphone or tablet but sometimes I hanker for a good opinionated travel guide to show me ALL the different aspects of a city - maybe something written by Bill Bryson would be nice. While MomondoPlaces can't deliver me Bryson, it does manage to deliver an app that has the same feel of a travel book. At the moment, the app serves up wonderful guides to seven top cities - London, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York, Paris and Rome - but, if these are anything to go by, there will be many more soon. This travel search engine offers at least as much vital information as any other travel app but then goes one step further with its presentation and at least one unique feature. One of these features allows travelers to search for specific attractions of a city in relation to their mood they are in. For example, one may desire to encounter to look at the nightlife in New York City or wish to quickly view the artiness of Gaudi's Barcelona. There is an "everything" button for a quick overview but these selective categories streamline the search process and offer an unusual and welcome addition to the user experience. Each city guide features more than 200 unique tips which are all matched to the app's six distinct moods - Romantic, Social, Family, Local, Cultural and Fancy. Travelers can select a category on the colour wheel and instantly tailor the guide according to the way they feel or their chosen style of travel. In addition to moods, the guides can also be sorted into neighbourhoods and categories. As mentioned earlier, Momondo Places can be downloaded and viewed offline - a key consideration for tourists within a location that would otherwise incur hefty roaming charges by viewing online content. As its popularity inevitably grows Momondo is planning on featuring a wider selection of cities to compliment their initial seven choices.
MomondoPlaces is quite simply one of the better travel guides apps that we've ever had the pleasure of looking at. Unlike many of the others, Momondo look like a million dollars and is packed with all sorts of info about the seven featured cities. It really does resemble a book rather than an app and the iPad makes it a dream to flip through.  I love the way that the app can be fully customized - in a similar way to Flipboard - to give you exactly the information you are looking for and the uniqueness of its mood calculator gives it an edge than many similar apps don't. MomondPlaces is certain to make a lasting impression upon those looking for a quick, user-friendly guide to their favorite destinations. Especially is it is totally free.

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