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An app to keep the international traveler always in the money

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I recently created a mobile application to assist international travelers with their currency ... More

Editor's review

Published 20 Dec 2016

Life is never easy when you are traveling in another country. For a start, you are in unfamiliar territory and you probably don't know the lay of the land and how the place 'works.' It's often hard enough to find your hotel, let alone all the other things you may gut need to remember. The last thing you need is to run out of funds, right? Maybe the only money you've got on hand is the cash that you've got in your purse or wallet. So, do you ask for recommendations at the hotel or do you roam the streets looking for a bank or a currency exchange booth? What's more, when you've found one, how can you be sure of getting the best possible exchange rate available?

The recently created Money Exchange app - for both Android and iOS - solves most of these problems and more. This handy little app allows users to locate all the nearby money exchange locations around you on a local map while showing you the current exchange rates. What's more, there is a tool that directly converts between all your different currencies. All these travel essentials are packaged up in one convenient app that you can keep in your pocket on your smartphone.

The Money Exchange app is ridiculously easy to use. Just type your address location into the app's search engine and, within seconds, it will show you a local street map with all the currency exchange locations around your location clearly marked. Now you won't have to trawl the backstreets in an unfamiliar town. You can do all the searching from your room and stroll down and complete your transactions at your leisure.

While the app works perfectly well for everyone, it was primarily designed to cater to the currency exchange demands of international travelers. We all know how stressful it can be to turn up in a foreign country and not know where all the amenities are. Having enough money to see you through is one of the big ones. This app takes all the stress out of it and let's you get onto the day to day living.

The beauty of Money Exchange is probably it's pure simplicity. It doesn't have any bells and whistles going for it - it just delivers currency information and tells you where to find it - simple as that. It's all down to the GPS on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The app uses the GPS location from your device to identify your local currency and shows you the exchange rate to the most commonly exchanged currencies. It also uses the GPS to locate the closest money exchange location to your current position. You also have the ability to enter Country, State, City, and Address information to search for money exchange locations ahead of your travels. The Money Exchange app is available now for free in the relevant app stores.

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