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My incoming and outgoing money – See the breakdown of your annual salary.
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Published 1 Oct 2011

They say small things please small minds but I just love the simplicity of this app that allows you to see the breakdown of your salary and then see the effect of potential changes to you circumstances.

On one screen you can enter your annual gross salary and will give you a breakdown of it showing deductions and the net figure on a yearly, monthly and weekly basis. Statutory deductions like tax and NI are assumed on a default basis with the current rates pre-set. If one or both of these don’t apply then you can delete them.

Obviously if you can delete something then you can also add something and so it is with this site. Any additional items can be added like student loan repayments that come straight out of your salary. Likewise if your employer offers interest free loans to purchase annual travelcards then this repayable amount can be entered as a direct salary deduction giving you a bespoke illustration of what is really going to end up in your bank account.

OK you might say, my payslip tells me this anyway and you have a point. The great thing about it though is that circumstances change, especially the cost of items which usually go up. Rail companies generally advertise their fare increases well in advance and so you can enter this information and get an indication on how it will impact on your net income. Conversely of course you can add any percentage wage...