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Published 9 Sep 2011

With quite a few free on-line finance and budget apps around it’s always nice when you come across one with a couple of different bells on it. Moneytrackin does all of the things you’d expect of an app of this type and then offers a little more help.

Setting up your separate accounts is easy and the accounting tab gives you options to tag transactions into specific groups ensuring they appear in the right section of any subsequent report. You can also mark recurring items in this tab for those regular monthly transaction and set budget limits for categories.

The set up asks for no sensitive personal details or bank account information and so security is high.

The clear and concise dashboard combines all of the account details to give you the overall picture of your finances in a flash, and it is on here where you’ll find one of the different bells. Users are encouraged to share tips on spending habits and potential savings which are analysed by moneytrackin. Any tips that come from users with similar spending habits to you will be displayed on your dashboard.

These tips also form a discussion forum on the site where you can swap ideas and experiences of a financial nature. These can be browsed and searched by users and the wider public as well.

Another interesting aspect to the app is its collaborative nature where many people can access and input data on the same account. This could be especially useful...