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Developer description

Monkey Master is a dynamic game for iPhone that combines a touch experience inspired by the controls of Flow, a frenetic pace that challenges your hand-eye coordination and reactions in a way not seen since Traffic Rush, with characters as bright, colorful and funny as those from Angry Birds.

The Monkey Master is the CEO and Owner of Golden Banana Inc. Underneath his luxurious chambers on the top floor were thousands of corporate monkeys, running around day and night to satisfy all of his needs and quarterly profit predictions. For years, the Monkey Master was able to preserve his status by constantly rejecting the applications of anyone looking for an executive position. After years of hard work, failed promotion attempts and rejections, the corporate monkeys have had enough and are trying to take over.

Can you put a stop to the riot and get them back to work?

Command your team of security gorillas around your headquarters, and make sure they knock down all incoming corporate ladders and monkeys before they overtake you in your glorious position of CEO and force you to get a real job.

Just a few of the features that Monkey Master offers you:
* Extremely fast and addictive gameplay with challenging levels which increase in difficulty as you progress.
* Multiple special weapons to choose from to help you in your mission.
* Multiple awards fully integrated with Game Center that will keep track of your career progress.

Monkey Master (Lite Version upgradable to Full for $0.99) is now available in the App Store. All information about the game can be found on If you want to know the back story to the Monkey Master’s current predicament, you can check out the trailer here:

Last updated 11 Jan 2013