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Useful no doubt, but how safe is it?

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Manage multiple bank accounts from one dashboard
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Published 3 Jan 2012

I was tempted to sign up for this one just to see what instructions you get when you do as there is very little to go on from the home page itself.  I decided not to for an obvious reason that we’ll come to later. There are a lot of apps around offering you the opportunity to manage all of your bank and credit card accounts in one place and let’s face it why wouldn’t you if you have a few of them. Spreading your cash (and your debt) is a very good habit to get into but it is a bit of a nightmare having to endlessly keep logging in and then remembering several different passwords and PIN numbers.

Monkey Peanuts, from the available screenshots anyway, can no doubt handle the volume and connects directly to banks and credit companies negating the need to constantly enter transactions manually. It has a clear dashboard where you can view all accounts and transactions with summary boxes highlighting where your money has been going. Items can be searched according to category and archived as and when you need to. If you’re a sensitive soul you can also choose from a number of different background graphics to suit your mood.

My issue with this one is that although it states on the homepage that it includes "extensive use of AES encryption" I am left wondering to just what extent that is. Most similar sites boast about their bank grade security however...