Developer description

Monumentor uses image-recognition technology to analyse pictures and provide succinct information about a landmark at a moment’s notice. We leverage an extensive database of popular sights worldwide to enhance your travel experience. While our database is always expanding, with over 70 000 landmarks already, if it is worth taking that picture, the likelihood is we will have it.

Monumentor allows you to learn as you explore the world. Isn’t it just always better when you know what you are actually looking at? It has never been easier, pick up your phone, scan the landmark of interest and voilà.
We let you scan real time, as well as well your gallery at a later point to make sure you never miss a precious moment.

What’s more, if the landmark is accessible, whether a cathedral, museum or anything else, we give you the open times and entry prices (if applicable), saving you the hassle to browse these online. You get everything with a single scan, making your travels hassle-free, fun and most importantly educational.

Monumentor, the smart way to travel!

Last updated 15 Jun 2020

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