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Dare to claim -This is the Best all in one Relaxing app!!

This is the Best all in one Relaxing app!!Yes..we know what we are saying and you will say the same if you check the App once....just once check it...Get the best free App without any advertisement, no IAP.
250+ unique hand picked HQ Relaxing music melody ambient nature offline Sounds divided in 9 Categories with 42 Brainwave sounds including Isochronic, Binaural, White Noise, Solfeggio sounds.
Change the Rhythm of Living. Moodify is an All in One, Simple, Categorized App professionally built just to personalize your entire day relaxation and assist you sleep sound. Sleep better, avoid Insomnia. Moodify Categorize relaxation sounds in 9 simple Categories to match your every mood, every time.
Give yourself the best professional Relaxing App now available only in Android.

User Reviews :You dont know what you are missing..a life changing App...Truly Changes the Rhythm of Leaving.

Last updated 27 Dec 2015

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