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Send and receive SMS to any device from your email

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Published 25 Nov 2013

[cont'd] has been found. The next problem lies in the rather ludicrous situation of having to type out your reply on the phone's tiny keyboard when you have a very capable, full sized keyboard sitting there right in front of you. MooMle not only let's you reply to and receive SMS messages through your regular email or web mail service but it also forwards it on to your email so you will have all your communication in one place. Messages are guaranteed to be delivered on time and, if the recipient isn't online, the SMS is sent to their mobile as a text message. Finally, and as an extra special bonus, if both the sender and the receiver are MooMle users and both are online, the message is free.
MooMle is one of those beautifully simple communication and SMS applications that does nothing else but make your online existence just that little bit easier. The difference between this and other similar apps, however, is that there is nothing to install except for the app itself and you can literally be up and running in seconds. All you need is an email account or webmail and you can be starting or receiving conversations from any device immediately. And don't forget the cost factor. If you are both MooMle users and both online, the conversations will be completely free. Don't you wish you had it installed already?