Developer description

Moon Calendar 2014 doubles and turns global.
Moon Calendar 2014 for Apple (iPhone, iPad):
Moon Calendar 2014 for Android:
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress is the title of a famous science fiction novel. 
Moon Calendar 2014 is not harsh, instead shows us Sister Moon, an old friends of ours. Under a yellow light, and in partnership with the Sun, Moon tells us, day by day, data, curiosity, suggestions, advices etc.

Last update
new graphics, easy access to daily contents (about Moon, Earth, Sky, Saints, Julian Date), optimization for iOs 7, data access for each geographic location
Lunar Calendar and visibility of the Moon displayed for the Southern Hemisphere too, tables and calendar for the garden, kitchen garden and orchard also calculated for the Southern Hemisphere.

Last updated 28 Feb 2014

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