Developer description

Moon calendar app turns free @ and shows data along one month.

The new version of Moon Calendar 2014 joins to Moon Calendar 2014 premium, showing instead data for all year long data about phases Sun and Moon rising, Sun and Moon set, advice about, garden, winery, orchard, astronomy and much more...
Moon Calendar app also gives you a lot of interesting Extra contents about

- Moon and Astrology, day by day Moon position into the 12 signs of the Zodiac

- The Calendar of curiosity, today happened. What happened in the past in today's date?

- The Succulents, advice and tips on how to grow them and keep them

- The Sea, Meteorology, Migration, Reproduction Periods and all the curiosity about the "Seven Seas" (as well as fresh water)

- Bonsai, how to grow, prune, protect your Bonsai, all curiosity and recommendations related to these magical miniature trees

- Nature and Personality, to recognize plants and flowers reflection on the personality or discover their secret meanings is an ancient and fascinating tradition

- Herbal World, herbal medicine, cosmetics, natural medicine, perfumery, news and trivia about plants, plant world, health and wellness.

Last updated 13 Sep 2014

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