Developer description

MooTV Kids is in the market to protect young kids from Open Internet. This application came out from Personal experience of the founders and they thought the need of this app.

MooTV Kids is a platform with curated videos only for young kids. It is an evolving product with many features like Parental Control, Favourite Videos, Ease of Usability, content in multiple languages/etc. On this application, parents can configure the content which they want their kids to see and be assured that their kids will see only that content and nothing else.

Application has videos which are not only Entertaining but also Educational & Learning for the development of a child. There is sleep and calming music for babies and various Rhymes for young kids.

MooTV Kids is also working to develop a community of parents around the platform who can suggest, reflect and ultimately the final curator. We believe that only parents know the best for their kids and they should be the one deciding on the content of the platform.

We are on Android and Amazon devices at the moment but working hard to bring this to our friends using Apple as well.

Last updated 22 Oct 2018

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