Developer description

Enjoy & experience the miraculous journey of a Zingaro through jungle Age, Mystic Cage and Ice Age. Zingaro wants to be your favourite minion! *** FEATURES *** - Simple yet smooth touch-based controls - 3 unique fantasy worlds to discover - Gorgeous in-game graphics - 30 Awesome Fun levels to play - Power Ups - Bunch of obstacles/enemies - Switch off sound/music in the game - Full of fun, highly-addictive gameplay - Filled with hours of fun and excitement - Captivating music - Never ending Fun! - Colorful and Quality graphics - Try to jump over the obstacles/enemies - Double jump to jump higher - Fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy! - More levels will be added in future
*** HOW TO PLAY? ***
- Use left/right arrows to move Zingaro left/right - Use up arrow to make Zingaro jump - Click up arrow twice to make Zingaro double jump - Collect as much as Coins - Do not hit obstacles. Hitting any obstacle will restart the level - Hitting any moving obstacle will reduce Zingaro's health by half and hitting secong time will restart the level - Power up will charge zingaro's health - Run to the end of jungle to pass the level. - & don't forget to rate us! GET SET GO! Start the exciting adventure with your friend Zingaro!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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