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Published 30 Nov 2011

I’m a great believer in people writing some sort of record of their lives and I don’t just mean the rich and famous. There a far too many gravestones in the world with no story attached to them as far as I’m concerned and so getting people to jot down just some basic daily or weekly events is a start. There are wider implications of course and even though many people will consider their lives mundane and of no interest whatsoever to anyone else the generations that follow will probably see things in a different light. From a social history angle, either locally or nationally, the information will be priceless.

This app, whether intentionally or not, has recognized that in this day and age people are unlikely to keep a hand written record of what they’re planning and what they get up to on a daily basis. What’s more it acts not only as a diary but also as a contact list and a scrapbook too.

It looks good and it’s simple to use with video instructions covering the functions. With graphics resembling a diary page you can pick a date from the monthly calendar and plan ahead for all of the personal or work related events.  The text will appear in handwritten script keeping up an authentic diary look and the site has a library of nicely designed illustrations and icons to decorate the entries.

Keeping a record of events once they’ve happened is easy and is the feature I hope will catch the imagination of all users. If expressing your feelings and describing the places you’ve visited in words is not your thing you can upload all manner of pictures and other media to illustrate an experience.

Moredays is available on a PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad so there is no excuse for missing out a few days if you’re away from home. You can also share any bits of the information you record with friends and family. The bit that I like though is that at the end of a year you can get the whole thing printed out in book form if you want and your great grandchildren will in future years know exactly what life was like back then.


This is a great all-in-one app that starts out as a simple way to plan your life and ends up as an illustrated record of your life.  


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