Developer description

Mortgage calculator is a handy tool for Real Estate Broker, Agent, Realtor and loan officer.
The tool can be used to evaluate the lending for a home. It gives complete information with weekly, monthly, quarterly, Yearly loan repayments.
User can email the details; export the amortization and the payoff of the mortgage.
The tool gives you the complete result with interest on loan, introductory and ongoing repayments, lender and government fees on loan and mortgage.

Create multiple customer portfolios and input all the lending details with complete description.
Do quick loan calculations and save them as the mortgage product to view later.
Calculate and evaluate your own mortgage plan.
Email, allowing the user to email the calculation result.
Search from saved portfolios or products.
Search the product, delete the selected Product.
Quick calculations for saved products, no need to remember the inputs for later use once saved.
Calculating the loan with or without introductory or fixed offer, lender application, ongoing, closing fee.
The mortgage, discharge, closing fee and the stamp duty on the property value.
The final cost of property.
Provide notification for the important functions (Save/Email/Delete)
Shows the currency according to the region selected.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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